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Capacitor question.

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    Capacitor question.

    Just wondering,been stripping some boards,The nice big capacitors,the closed end aluminum ones,i been selling with my aluminum, and have had no complaints,just peel off the plastic coating and add to the bucket. But i really wouldnt want to mix in the ones with rubber plugs in the end.I know theres some value there,saw a tv show about recycling and they had them seperated by the barrels full.I no i have no local buyer,but might find one in Little Rock, do any of ya'lls yards buy them as is?

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    When your yard see's whats inside a can cap then they may not be quite so hip on buying them,
    Thanks to Wiki for this;
    *The electrolyte is usually boric acid or sodium borate in aqueous solution, together with various sugars or ethylene glycol which are added to retard evaporation.
    *Electrolytes may be toxic or corrosive. Working with the electrolyte requires safe working practice and appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses.
    Back in the day when I repaired CB radio's the truckdrivers were always hooking their radio's up backwards
    due to a wiring mess up. The protector cap would blow up (leak) and the solvent inside would eat the finish off the inside of the metal radio cover.
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