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  1. Questions about computer boards
  2. how do I figure out what an electronic board is worth?
  3. Coaxial Cable Question.
  4. Computer parting out questions
  5. Scrapping a computer. Could use some help.
  6. Several e-waste questions
  7. Quality of Boards
  8. Computer board grading.
  9. E boards, now Im really confused.
  10. Computer wire grading
  11. Computer parts Breakdown and identification
  12. Sega Genesis Games - Gold finger boards
  13. Big Score! Need Some Help With Identification.
  14. What are these boards considered?
  15. Component Identification
  16. Question on board grading
  17. CPU Identification
  18. There is so much guess work in grading boards for beginners like me
  19. Help Grading these boards...
  20. CD/Floppy Drive Boards**Search Function Not Being Helpful**
  21. Calculator Boards
  22. prices for these kind of boards
  23. copier boards high grade?
  24. A lil board grading please
  25. A little confused on board grading
  26. component identification
  27. Security panel boards??
  28. Grade these boards
  29. Need some help grading these boards.
  30. A few Misc. Boards from breaking electronic's down.
  31. Please grade/value these boards :o)
  32. anyone able to grade these boards?
  33. Boards clarification
  34. CPU identification
  35. Newbie needs help with board grading (I did search and read the stickies though)
  36. What would these boards be? Motherboards?
  37. Are these boards worth anything and what are they
  38. Grading Electronic Boards and Parts
  39. Board grading question
  40. Need help grading these telephone boards
  41. Power supply boards?
  42. refrigerator boards, what grade
  43. Board, connector and wire values for machine control / computer boards from the 60's?
  44. Computer Price Breakdown
  45. removing things from boards
  46. Are these boards worth anything ?
  47. Grade of telecom boards?
  48. Identify these boards
  49. Aircraft Boards, Medium Grade? check out pics
  50. keyless remote boards
  51. Need help identifying these boards
  52. Telecom boards with gold-capped CPU's on board Value?
  53. High End Boards What would you grade them?
  54. What grade are these boards?
  55. What would these boards grade at?
  56. Grading?
  57. Need help with grading if you don't mind
  58. Potential 800 lbs of boards off X-Ray machine?
  59. Medical Equipment Wire & Connectors Identification
  60. Board Identification?
  61. Weird Board Grading Question
  62. Gaylord of mixed Boards, How much to pay
  63. Board Identification?
  64. Help on grading some boards
  65. Pics Relay boards?
  66. What would you call these boards?
  67. Question Power Supply boards
  68. Value of these satellite receiver boards.
  69. question about grading circuit board
  70. Question network 48 port switch boards value
  71. I need some help with a quote on this huge lot.
  72. Question help from the pros board grading questions/value
  73. I did my research and I want to verify my results.
  74. Which bin do I put these (CPU modules) in?
  75. So I can't post images? I need help identifying if I found anything of value
  76. Question boards i have never seen before .fiber cable equip
  77. would you buy it?
  78. Grading Motherboards
  79. White circuit boards in humidifier? Cant decide what to grade them as.
  80. More DirectTV boards an questions on value for them..
  81. Question E-scrap boards questions?
  82. HVAC Boards
  83. Game controller boards - what grade?
  84. What grade circuit boards would be in srs units?
  85. Pics Board ID
  86. Question Major Score or a few great boards and shred
  87. couple more board questions...
  88. Can anyone ID this?
  89. Any ideas what this is from?
  90. which pile do you throw these in?
  91. Question bottons/switches from lowgrade boards
  92. Question What grade is this board?
  93. Rough idea??
  94. Indentify this vintage board Epotec TMB-260
  95. Question Board grading
  96. Question Board Grade (missing components)
  97. Question Finger board grade or?
  98. Help identifying vintage escrap cards and boards
  99. How to grade boards?
  100. Question How much are old broadband cards/aircards worth in scrap value?
  101. Serious Help Identifying a component.....
  102. To remove or not to remove...that is the question.
  103. Question Need help grading these boards please
  104. gold cpu? gold heatsink?
  105. Question another rousing game of what is it
  106. Car ECU Board (with pics) Value/Grade?
  107. Motherboard grading
  108. gold gold need help
  109. picture this
  110. telecom vs ebay. 2
  111. small gold boards from commercial mimaki printer ink cartridges
  112. Brown Board with Silver Fingers
  113. Do these count as gold connectors?
  114. Pics Pictures and guts.
  115. Pics Need an ID please!
  116. Pic
  117. Watch out for this motherboard!
  118. boards from satellite eyes & there value
  119. What is this?
  120. Hot Swap Power Supplies
  121. iding dlp chips and ribbon calble?
  122. Tip A compiled list of "Large Sockets" for Motherboards.
  123. Cable cards
  124. Question grades of printer boards
  125. Found some weights for cpus as I was searching for something
  126. Question Going for my first buy
  127. Question Grade - Motorola VRM600 Modem
  128. Having trouble identifying the cpu on an iMac G3 motherboard
  129. motherboards without sockets?
  130. Weird keyboard, are these key contacts gold?
  131. Question AV Tips???
  132. "ICs, Eproms, & Tantalum Cap.s"
  133. Question Large Sockets?
  134. lotta gold
  135. Board grade question
  136. IBM PowerPC 604
  137. Circuit board questions
  138. Question Help me grade/value these older pcbs from the 60s, 70s and 80s
  139. Question Mystery Reference Guide
  140. Looking for information or advice about Vacuum Fluorescent Displays
  141. Question what do I have and who can I sell it to
  142. Question Help me identify these car cd player boards, and these ribbon cable looking pieces
  143. what are these
  144. P4 - 775 Mobo
  145. Quick question
  146. Question Water damaged electronics. Price difference?
  147. RARE Vintage Gold Dip CPUs. Cant find anything like them online.
  148. gold plate?
  149. Ethernet & Phone cable ends
  150. Question Help with Board grading
  151. Intel 486 MB value
  152. value and identification
  153. New to e waste latest score
  154. Tip Why "How Many Per Pound" just doesn't work!
  155. Cisco 2500 Router board grade?
  156. Identification
  157. IC chip or processor?
  158. Gold connectors
  159. Question Sledge Learning the E-waste ropes.. have some compliments and questions!
  160. Telemetry Equipment help
  161. silver oxide coin size battery
  162. Question solid state protector
  163. Question Windowed processor and board grading
  164. gold pin boards
  165. telecom board values
  166. Some Nice Boards
  167. Question what is it ?
  168. Question What Kind of Computer Cable is This?
  169. Smart Board Projector Question
  170. what grade is this board?
  171. Pics Is this not GOLD
  172. Apple I-mac
  173. What are these things?
  174. What would you do with this?? Old HP plotter board
  175. Archives
  176. Is it gold???? Lol
  177. A bunch of servers/IT gear question
  178. Box of Boards Help with Grading
  179. Tv boards sell them whole or break them down
  180. AMD Ceramic Pentium
  181. What exactly is this and what is in it?
  182. Electric Organ Board
  183. cpu
  184. Repair Shop Connection - First Purchase
  185. How To Identifying Modern AMD CPUs
  186. Projector Gold
  187. Gold calculator for fingers
  188. Double sided gold chips
  189. How To dvr hard drive and dvrs
  190. Just another "please help me grade my circuit board" thread
  191. i dont know so im asking
  192. unsocketed motherboards
  193. FINALLY FOUND a 486
  194. Cool Boards
  195. Question Green Board ?
  196. Question Perfect PC?
  197. Pics What are these!? I cant ID via the sticky threads, google, or searching old threads.
  198. Question Is the yellow circuitry gold?
  199. Mercury relays? (UPDATED: Pics post #20)
  200. laptop wifi cards
  201. Question Motorola chips
  202. Need an experienced e-scrapper willing to show NOOB the ropes
  203. Should I sell or scrap?
  204. Motherboard or finger board?
  205. Office copier,printer,fax boards
  206. What in the heck is this???
  207. Did I strike gold?
  208. Got my first gold cap chip! Not sure what everything else on the board is.
  209. Is anyone of the ewaste buyers taking unsorted stuff and charges a sorting fee?
  210. board with more gold and pentium
  211. board with more gold and pentium
  212. Question What Grade Can These Go For?
  213. Do ewaste they said, you'll find gold they said...
  214. Tantalum Resistors
  215. Relay Contents?
  216. Who can ID these?
  217. ignore this
  218. barrel of escrap connectors?
  219. Identification of cpus and valueing them.
  220. Question on board pricing
  221. component ID
  222. any thoughts?
  223. What in Hades are these?
  224. Need some help identifying theses boards
  225. New to scrapping, how to optimalize profit scrapping PCs
  226. Question Manjelle again
  227. Need help determining the price in USA
  228. Question Help identifying metal in old data switch
  229. Question Motherboards
  230. Question What do you do with the cooling systems in laptops?
  231. When it's not on buyers price list
  232. Pics Newer Poker/Slot Machine e-waste
  233. Pics Nice boards from an ultrasound machine
  234. Help can not find any information
  235. Help Gold Scrap or Something Else?
  236. Urgent The Best Places To Trade In Laptop And IT Asset Disposal Services
  237. Newbie help
  238. Question unknown control board
  239. I found the mother of all CPU's
  240. Need help in grading this boards!!
  241. Gold mechanical keyboard?
  242. What would you do with some of these boards and Grade type?
  243. JDS Uniphase
  244. Question Old boards?
  245. Help with this board
  246. Pics Motorola Minitor II fire service pager, gold content?
  247. specialty? modem board grade
  248. Gold finger boards
  249. What are Riser boards and partial server boards considered?
  250. Need help identifying these heat-sinks