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  1. For fun CPU and Ram Tower
  2. Metal Spiders - One large spider from hay rakes
  3. Home made plinking targets for shooting
  4. Chick Magnet :)
  5. Hard drive platter wiper and separator slide
  6. Home made Vice for Cleaning Radiators
  7. Shop Tables and Furniture from Machine Crates
  8. Work Bench - Made from Ladder Rack and other stuff
  9. Home Made scrap magnets
  10. home made work bench and tool charging station
  11. What have you done with a dryer?
  12. Free heat! (well almost, gotta run the fan)
  13. Sorting table
  14. drag truck / computet part art
  15. drag truck / computer part art
  16. Robots
  17. Fire Pits from propane tank ends
  18. BBQ Smokers made from propane tanks
  19. What to make with electric motors
  20. Innovation at its Finest
  21. Copper Wire Stripper Made from Car Parts
  22. Eletric shopping cart
  23. Ceiling lights
  24. Window unit AC condenser fan motor
  25. chair with wheels
  26. could not find my belt
  27. Behold: The Copper Scorpion
  28. Creepy robot man
  29. Scrap Man on the Can
  30. Projects
  31. Pretty cool
  32. Wolverine Claws
  33. Copper train
  34. little piece, big money
  35. simple evaparator
  36. Pawpaw's truck fleet
  37. bugaboo's
  38. Spark Plug Helicopter
  39. Building semi-automatic small gauge wire stripper
  40. DIY high speed rotary tool
  41. DIY snow shovel
  42. Entertainment center made from waterbed frame
  43. PC built into TV case
  44. Walter Zip Cut Superior Performance
  45. sawmill
  46. not for me, but someone might like it
  47. Repurposed pressure washer and old wheelbarrow
  48. $4.79 Styrofoam Cutter
  49. Scrap metal forge
  50. I'm totally going to make this...
  51. Makin' some charcoal
  52. Long weekend, wife and kids are away for a day...Nailed it!
  53. Hollow knife rough forging
  54. Mobile cart from scrap