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  1. Legal advice?
  2. Legal section
  3. dumpster diving, legal?
  4. some legal issues in scrapping
  5. IRS, Auditing, and Taxes
  6. Texas moves to require R2, e-Stewards certification
  7. Legal right to sell?
  8. Exide Technologies (re: Battery recycling) has filed for bankruptcy
  9. Are Your a "curbsider"?
  10. giving % to charity. how to prove?
  11. New AZ scrap metal law
  12. fined for picking up trash . THIS MAKES ME SICK !!!!
  13. Not for sure but I think I have to get a $200 license
  14. motorcycle for sale without title... help plz
  15. securing loads in vehicle citation
  16. Does anyone have a sample ONE TIME Scrap contract.
  17. Claiming Abandon Logging Equipment In PA
  18. Greaaaaat.
  19. Salvage Rights For Lake Erie?
  20. Curb Shopping Causing Towns To Loose Money?
  21. PA ewaste cert.
  22. A creative way to sentence a thief
  23. Serious scrappers bill of rights aka scrappers rights
  24. Its Illegal to Hulk Haul in the State of Washington without a haulers permit
  25. Scrapper Morals & our 10 commandments
  26. Lost Knives
  27. Do you guys have this problem in the UK, OR US ?
  28. Rant DOT Physical with eye exam
  29. Getting my Freon License
  30. Cheap Freon Test
  31. Certified
  32. Serious Anyone here familar with EPA rain water run off requirements?
  33. Data Destruction on Hard Drives
  34. Question Covering multiple activities with one LLC?
  35. Paying taxes on scrapping
  36. what the hay
  37. HVAC Certification
  38. Partnership Contract
  39. Question What regulations may be involved with exporting?
  40. Tax program
  41. Windows COAs
  42. New laws in effect at my yard Monday are going to be a PAIN in the buttinski!
  43. E-waste Certifications
  44. help figuring out how to get certified in MN?
  45. Know who you are dealing with.
  46. Sole proprietor/assumed name
  47. Talk about B.S
  48. Interesting conversation with Dr. today
  49. Missing: Copper guitar-playing frog
  50. Ferrous Scrap Purchase (Weight Franchise)
  51. Payment by mail in Michigan
  52. Who owns low voltage copper cables past utility transformers
  53. Serious Any scrap exporters to India on here who have an opinion on the new rules for PSICs?
  54. Contracts
  55. whats in side this
  56. Canada's ARPE recycling program help me to monetize everything
  57. Property Rights
  58. California - All Appliances Being Reclassified?
  59. City Spring Clean Up
  60. Florida laws regarding selling scrap metal
  61. Looks like NJ is trying to change the E-waste Laws
  62. Question R2 Ewaste Certification Process
  63. Data destruction certification
  64. Microsoft sends e-waste recycler to PRISON for a YEAR!
  65. Police AGAIN!
  66. Unfortunate laws
  67. UK situation.'Collectors Licence'
  68. Business license
  69. There are people from Romania doing e waste recycling?
  70. Question Plain Clothes Police again
  71. Recycling Scam Bust in AZ/CA
  72. Logistics and Freight with insured reputable corporation
  73. Urgent Scrap warehouse licenses
  74. Question your purchase records
  75. Canadian Refrigerant Recovery Certifications
  76. Looking into legality of electronics recycling