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  1. What do you all say about making ingots?
  2. Smelting Metals
  3. Sand casting car club plauqes!
  4. Do any metal casting?
  5. Books on Metal Casting
  6. Tip This might be a useful site for calculating your stash
  7. lead casting
  8. The Melt
  9. Starting Lead Casting
  10. Fresnel lens
  11. My little furnace
  12. Question Casting From Aluminum Cans
  13. Waste oil powered furnace for Aluminium and copper seperation.
  14. New "Torpedo" Burner design for melting and furnace heating.
  15. Fast Aluminium engine Breakdown and steel separation.
  16. 600 KW oil Burner. Perfect for melting down whole engines or whole cars even! :0)
  17. Induction Furnace Copper Melt
  18. Smelting Kovar
  19. Casting Fishing Weight Molds
  20. Question Anyone know this company ?
  21. One of a kind handmade copper chicken
  22. Melted down my roommates small Honda radiator.
  23. New to melting lead
  24. Zinc Anodes
  25. Question scrap copper and brass foundries
  26. Let's see your ingots collection
  27. Refractory Cement
  28. First time with my homemade foundry
  29. How To Minimalist design homemade and cheap gas foundry
  30. Safety in Metal Powders manufacturing
  31. new project, burner and furnace
  32. Needed to compact my aluminium...No problem!
  33. Copper explosion!
  34. Water heater tank furnace
  35. Propane burner walkthrough
  36. Aluminium work platform meltdown
  37. Copper rail road spike? Why not!
  38. FAILED aluminium whiskey glass casting
  39. New ingot mold? Check. 15 lb melt? Check!
  40. Fabricating, casting, and shaping a knife handle
  41. Casting gear components
  42. How To Helping in Foundry layout