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  1. Hazards of capacitors
  2. I'll try to keep this as "family appropriate" as possible...
  3. Hazardous chemicals in microwaves or CRT monitors?
  4. safety shield on a hand grinder
  5. Freon safety warning!!!!!
  6. Hazardous materials while breaking down
  7. Just an Idea - Section for Safety and Hazards
  8. E-waste hazards
  9. Lead and Phosphors in CRTs
  10. hazardous and toxic materials
  11. State classes for hazardous waste
  12. US EPA - CRTS are no longer "hazardous waste"
  13. At which point does ewaste become hazardous material?
  14. Connector Whiplash
  15. The TV had the last laugh.
  16. dumpster diver's disease
  17. Under the weather
  18. Answering CL ads
  19. Serious stolen converters in my area
  20. What not to do with angle grinder
  21. Harsh lesson.
  22. Polychlorinated biphenyl
  23. AC exploded on me (noob)
  24. Danger !!!! fire extinguishers and other pressure tanks.
  25. Worried about chemicals that can leach
  26. using a screwdriver as a chisel
  27. Cat paw dangers
  28. Tetanus shot
  29. Copper/aluminum heat sinks.
  30. Disc from disc drive shattered in my face
  31. What safety precautions does everyone here use? and why?
  32. Dirty Tricks of the trade.
  33. How To Got Questions for the Environmental, Health & Safety Manager?
  34. Serious Possible House Fire, It Was Close
  35. How To Summary of an Environmental, Health & Safety Management System (EHSMS) in the Recycli
  36. Serious Info about chemical hazards
  37. Serious Retractable Awnings: Be Wary Of the Spring Mechanism!
  38. Insulation Paper
  39. organic vapor cartridges
  40. Question R600
  41. Out of work - 6 weeks :(
  42. PEE TEST - Hydration
  43. Respirator/mask?
  44. Safety Warning on Items: Risk of Electric Shock
  45. Glass shower doors that shatter to smythereens
  46. Question stripped microwave shells - radioactive? Naaaaw... prove it - skeptic here
  47. Standing in Skips
  48. Does anyone know what this box is and if it is hazardous?
  49. X-ray gadgets dangerous?
  50. scrap metal related disease