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  1. quickest way to remove motor from old kenmore dryer
  2. disecting a microwave
  3. question about scrapping microwaves
  4. Compressors
  5. TV Disassembly
  6. Retrieving copper from electric motors?
  7. Breaking down... how far to go?
  8. Motors, Worth the effort?
  9. Help ? Removing the stainless steel body off a refrigerator
  10. Starting a Mobile Home Tear Down
  11. Breaking Down a 5" Hard Drive
  12. Break down of a Hard Drive
  13. how do I open this for the copper?
  14. Scrapping a vacuum cleaner
  15. transmissions
  16. What's Inside a Keyboard & Mouse
  17. Propane Tanks - Brass
  18. Maximizing Dollars for Scrap Aluminum
  19. I'm sure some of the gurus have done this... Or is it a waste?
  20. Silver Recovery
  21. Steel Mills
  22. Refrigerator Compressor Break Down!
  23. Harvesting Copper
  24. washers and dryers
  25. Maximizing on your scrap catylitic converters
  26. crutches
  27. Harvesting Brass
  28. Dismantling a CD/DVD Drive;
  29. How do i take transmission off from washer?
  30. Heating Elements - How do you sell them?
  31. Breaking down an electric motor for copper
  32. Hammer Mills
  33. My compressor experience
  34. Cars
  35. breaking down a small mobile home frame
  36. monitor $ break down
  37. Plasma/LCD/LED Televisions
  38. Found an old FURNACE in the dumpster
  39. mother boards in ashes?
  40. Dismantling tires from aluminum rims
  41. Striping aluminum SE cable
  42. old old GM starter breakdown price
  43. Laser printer breakdown
  44. Electric magnet from trailer brakes removing iron.
  45. GAS Cook Top breakdown
  46. condensder coils.....
  47. Nuts in a drum
  48. Reversing Valves, ( Heat Pumps )
  49. Capactors, are they worth $ in bulk?
  50. Treasure or Tea for Two?
  51. Stainless Steel side by side Refridgerator
  52. 55 gal drum of copper sulfate
  53. How to maximize value? (stainless steel with copper wire)
  54. Scrapping a Kettle
  55. Laptop Chargers Are A Must!
  56. New Job at a scrap yard
  57. Blew it today
  58. parts of furnace to scrap
  59. Whats inside a Plug-in Power Strip? Pic's
  60. Cast iron sump pump
  61. Pyrolysis of plastic coated copper wire.
  62. Scraping Automobiles In CA. W/ No Paper Work Possible?
  63. Maxing out a Motherboard
  64. 3 min tire removal !!!!!
  65. sorting out wires
  66. tantalum recycling???
  67. Breaking down a Hard Drive
  68. Breaker boxes with breakers
  69. Laser Jet Printers
  70. Breaking down a mobility cart
  71. claw foot tub
  72. TV coil thingie
  73. Electric pressure washer
  74. Outboard Motor
  75. CRT Monitors
  76. Thick aluminum stock or bar
  77. Electric Motor Copper Windings
  78. copper from monitors or tv yokes
  79. Uninterruptible power supply
  80. Motors? Whats best?
  81. Screen Doors
  82. copper plated ground rod
  83. TV show "Break it down"
  84. Appliance cord ends
  85. carbide removal from sawblades
  86. Breaking down appliances and selling the parts
  87. Big transformers
  88. Microwave magnetron breakdown w/ pics
  89. Christmas tree light recycling in China
  90. Keyboard Breakdown (Newer Dell model)
  91. Tungsten Carbide Method--Information From a Professional Chemist!
  92. Laser or color printers .newer models worth it
  93. What has the most copper wire in household products you find
  94. value in ancient computers like Commodore?
  95. Compressor day
  96. I bought a gaylord of electric motors.
  97. Wire striping experiment-not worth it
  98. Tungsten
  99. Microwave magnetrons?
  100. a small piece of brass on a bicycle
  101. Grocery store find
  102. Brass
  103. HVAC System Break Down
  104. just broke down old hp computer monitor .
  105. Engine Block in the Marsh
  106. Pressure relief valves
  107. Crt Tvs?
  108. question about copper lines in refrigerators
  109. compressor break down time
  110. maximizing profit on appliances
  111. breaking down alu/copper compressors
  112. im a new scrapper and need help
  113. its me again"the little black things"
  114. PTAC compressors
  115. another day of compressors
  116. brass vs. insulated copper
  117. Common Mistake?
  118. fake x-mas trees
  119. Turn Anodized Aluminum to clean Aluminum
  120. What is this metal?
  121. dismantling vs nondismantling
  122. Breaking down a Jen-aire Stove
  123. Breaking down a phone set
  124. Ewaste PM content per unit volume
  125. what type of metals am i looking for in vehicles
  126. Anyone ever scrap a forklift battery charger?
  127. heating element wire
  128. worth stripping wire?
  129. anyone ever torn down/scrapped a silo?
  130. What's the Best way to dismantle aluminum semi trailer?
  131. Ribbion cable breakdown
  132. Industrial/Commercial light fixtures
  133. DNA examining/testing equipment
  134. Best way to strip thick wire like this?
  135. Anyone ever tackle one of these before?
  136. scrappers taking tv's and leaving the back part of the case?
  137. Breaking down a 90lb motor
  138. Am I done with these?
  139. tv stems
  140. scrapping a fridge
  141. Apple eMac value?
  142. beating a dead horse sorry
  143. Old Electric radiator
  144. cbm breakdown. worth it?
  145. Romex wire breakdown
  146. Warning about Compressor Scrap
  147. Smallest gauge copper wire you will strip?
  148. Down to the Wire
  149. Die, die, die
  150. New guy second post. Where is the money?
  151. What to do with these boards
  152. Best way to get the stator out of big 3 phase electric motors
  153. Looking for a ground connection
  154. where do i drain oil from on riding mower
  155. window unit air conditioners
  156. Garage door opener?
  157. cell phone noob question ?
  158. New e Gold, for me anyway.
  159. Copper spools in TV
  160. Christman lights
  161. Pool Heater to scrap or sell?
  162. Electric Trolling Motor
  163. CRT Disposal Solution
  164. I have read in past threads releasing freon is bad why
  165. electric motors
  166. furnace gas valves
  167. Truck Axles
  168. stainless steel ?
  169. scrapping remote controls
  170. Brake drums and rotors
  171. acid stripping
  172. Does your yard take metal gas cans?
  173. help help help
  174. help help help
  175. A couple of quick e-waste breakdown questions
  176. Laser boxes inside laser printers? What to do with them?
  177. Forklift battery charger
  178. dishwasher motors
  179. Probably a silly question
  180. "High carbon" steel
  181. 4' flour light fixtures from the 60's
  182. Update on dishwasher motors
  183. Airbag Module
  184. ladders
  185. how to separate carbide from base metal
  186. 1st junk car
  187. The "other" grinder blade.
  188. Water softeners
  189. Ten best ways to scrap a car
  190. electrical braker box
  191. Metals in a washing machine
  192. Two questions on Maytag wringer washers?
  193. Value of a Trailer house Floor frame ...
  194. Any info on breaking down large distribution transformers
  195. Semi clutch packs/plates
  196. Profit analysis of a random lot of 14 CRT monitors
  197. Dish Network Satellite LNBF
  198. do old diesel generators have copper inside?
  199. Breaking stuff down, is it worth it?
  200. Scrapping Snow Skis?
  201. I scrapped a drinking fountain today.... not fun.
  202. Some Office Chairs
  203. Value of CDs/DVDs/Blu-Ray discs
  204. Safely Scrapping Power Supplies
  205. Copper finned pipe cleanup
  206. Washing Machine Solenoid Valves
  207. Does this sound right?
  208. Buying Electric Motors from Yards
  209. 64" TV Break Down: Here are the numbers
  210. Toro brand Instrument panel electrical/battery gauge (no pics)
  211. Dismantling a pool heater.15 lbs of copper in each, this has 22 lbs brass headers too
  212. Plated pins and soforth
  213. Scrapping a Cash Register
  214. water heater gas valve ?
  215. Are some things always shred?
  216. ok newbie here..wanting to learn
  217. Strippng wire
  218. Bath Tub.....Is this shred?
  219. Electric Heating Pad
  220. Sunday Breakdown
  221. Best Way to Break Down a Big Electric Motor
  222. Laptop screens?
  223. HELP...huge copper coil in old T.V.
  224. Are these RAM? Old school IBM dot matrix printer
  225. LCD jackpot
  226. Hard Drive Breakdown Numbers
  227. Scrapping a window AC unit
  228. Breaking down and converting a popup
  229. old junk yard i stumbled apon
  230. New Laws In Florida
  231. Newbie wanting to know how to maximize profit of old farm scrap
  232. Welding cable recovery rate
  233. Wheelcovers
  234. How would you scrap this old TV with gearbox in it?
  235. Sujestions on Scrapping Computer wire
  236. Harddrives - a thread I can't find
  237. Insulated wire recovery rate
  238. alot of construction scrap questions
  239. Newbie question - Tin roofing sheets in with shred?
  240. How much do you break scrap down?
  241. Scrapping a Lucas Horizontal Boring Machine
  242. A rare opportunity
  243. Standard 6-foot Power Cable or Power Cord
  244. Time to come up for air
  245. Huge industrial electric motor.
  246. 2000 hard drives, first report.
  247. LighTech Dimmable Transformers
  248. SMASH bucket!
  249. Recycling Double Wide Trailers
  250. server and ups battery breakdown