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  1. Scrap Video
  2. Soapy water instead of oil when cutting with a Sawzall (Video)
  3. Brass and Copper Scrap Day
  4. My Big Scrap load -(SCORED!!!)
  5. Thought this was funny
  6. You Tube Channel
  7. Computer Teardown Video
  8. this video might have already been bought up?
  9. Breaking down copper aluminum fin [video]
  10. A Typical Hour in the Scrap Yard...
  11. Baling Christmas Lights
  12. Loading a Truck....With Style!
  13. Documentary on military scrapping
  14. Does this actually work like this?
  15. Please Help Me
  16. How to scrap for cash videos
  17. How to scrap a flat screen tv for cash $$$$
  18. How To Scrap a Blender For Cash $$$$
  19. Jack The Scrapper Showing You "Extremely Important Tool"
  20. JackTheScrapper How To Scrap A Fosset And Light bulb
  21. Scrap a Cell...
  22. How To Scrap A Toaster Oven With A Sledge Hammer
  23. 22 Second Tire Removal
  24. How to pick up scrap
  25. Scrapping a TV - Video by Kenny Chumsky
  26. Hair Drier Dissasembly
  27. Scrapping a Modern & Vintage Ceiling Fan - Video by Kenny Chumsky
  28. Scrapping a Treadmill - Video by Kenny Chumsky
  29. Jack The Scrapper Picks up a fridge and stove
  30. How to Make Money from Trash - Video by Kenny Chumsky
  31. What NOT to overlook in the Trash - Video by KennyChumsky
  32. Our New National Anthem - Video by Kenny Chumsky
  33. Garbage Picking Operation - Another Day, Another Find!- Video by KennyChumsky
  34. Scrapping a Dishwasher - Video by KennyChumsky
  35. Scrap Metal Intro
  36. Sorting Fasteners to Maximize Profits
  37. JackTheScrapper How To Scrap A Car For Maximum Profit $$$$$
  38. Tools for breaking down scrap
  39. Stripping Wire ( DIY Wirestripper )
  40. Microwave Tear Down
  41. Fire in scrap yard - Ft Myers, Fla
  42. YouTube Channel Links
  43. Scrap Metal Ad
  44. Which Christmas Character did we Scrap?
  46. Winner to Bonus Video!!
  47. Scrapped a garage door opener
  48. Silver Plated Silverware & Dishes can be Brass or Nickel
  49. How To Strip Copper By Hand Really Fast- JACK THE SCRAPPER
  50. "mikethescrapper" stripping transformer the wrong way
  51. Aluminum - Sheet, Cast, Extruded, Wire, Cans & Irony
  52. How to strip wire using a utility knife -jack the scrapper
  53. what not to do with your "hi-grade" or mother boards
  54. Take a part a washer in less than 3 minutes.
  55. What to do when you can't get something apart!
  56. Have you ever seen this wire stripping tool, yet?
  57. Bonus Video - Guess What we Scrapped!
  58. Cleaning Metal 101 - Educating New Scrappers & Giving True Scrappers a Laugh
  59. Fun Guessing Game - Which piece of scrap is worth thr most?
  60. Scrapping in nicaragua
  61. Scrapping an old Computer
  62. Really Funny sCRAP
  63. $90 Day Scrapping - This is What my Junk Yards are Like...
  64. Jack The Scrapper a Ski Machine
  65. Scrapping An Industrial Air Compressor
  66. Embed your Videos Please. Don't just Post Links.
  67. Bonus Video - Guess What we Scrapped!
  68. Jack Scrapper on Tungsten Carbide $14 a lb
  69. The Last Jack The Scrapper Video?
  70. The Jack Scrapper Show: Silver Mylar
  71. Scrapping a Deep Fryer the Bigger Hammer Way!
  72. How to scrap aan answering machine
  73. Scrap Diva - Double rooftop air conditioner job. 5 videos more to come.
  74. Small Amount Compared to The Big Boys
  75. Worlds Best Work Boots
  76. Hot scrapper girl actualy knowsher stuff
  77. Whats In A VCR You Say? Ill Show You
  78. Scrap an old phone-TeleFurb
  79. Serious Collapse Of Steel Racking
  80. Today turned out pretty nice... oh, and i got some computers
  81. Using a projector that was scrapped.
  82. Scrap car process
  83. inside of a tower fan for scrap
  84. How to remove copper of a tv yoke the proper way
  85. how to break open a motor from a dishwasher
  86. Insulated wire smashing a dvd player
  87. E.p. Silver brass and #3 copper
  88. Scrapping an air conditioner
  89. Mixed copper aluminum fin rad
  90. Scrapping a video projector
  91. old microwave / stove
  92. Scrapping In Alaska
  93. The most interesting thing about scrap in alaska
  94. The danger of scrapping in a dumpster.
  95. easy money by driving around the block
  96. Everyone must own a pair of these
  97. removing copper from low grade boards
  98. Removing copper from a washing machine motor
  99. How to scrap an ac compressor
  100. inside of a microwave for scrap
  101. Finding gold in ribbon cables
  102. Dream Machine Wiring Stripping Like The Pro's
  103. Interactive jack game
  104. Scrappign in jamaica
  105. Going to the scrapyard
  106. Full truck load
  108. Jack the scrapper dirt devil
  109. Scrapping a Answering machine First Video
  110. Scrap pick up fridge
  111. A very full truck
  112. Pick up a dish washer and business cards
  113. Scrapping a Floppy Disk
  114. Videos on YouTube
  115. 340 lb bath tub
  116. A very aluminum day
  117. Scrapping a Direct Tv Box (Please Subscribe)
  119. 13 trips to the scrap yard
  120. Making Movies
  121. Tim horton's chairs and
  122. Stainless steel flex hose line marbles
  123. The importance of a profesional flyer
  124. Taking copper out of a tv yolk
  125. Laser copper solder smash
  126. Just jack and the kids
  127. Fans of shredder videos
  128. Truck down again
  129. this is my favorite jack scrapper yet
  130. First load for 2013
  131. Craigslist mega load
  132. Fastest way to break down a washer machine. Also good stress relief
  133. Unusual find in a server - Copper Heat Sink
  134. Slow this week
  135. A bit slow this week
  136. Working saturday
  137. How To Identifying different types of steel/cast iron
  138. DevinTheScrapper's video collection
  139. How e-scrap is processed
  140. My Thursday curb scrap run in fast motion
  141. stripping in the hole
  142. 100 subscribers give a way
  143. To strip or not to strip
  144. Winners!!!
  145. Taking apart a compressor
  146. Historic Rag and Bone men
  147. The most expensive scrap dealer.
  148. VIP Recycling VID1
  149. Quick Run To The Scrap Yard (looking back)
  150. Stop Motion run to the yard.
  151. Where did Gold Come From?
  152. Where good ideas come from
  153. Easy Way to Remove Copper Windings From a Microwave
  154. Easy way to remove copper winding from a motor core
  155. I'm Back
  156. plastic oil field
  157. Why gold is king!
  158. Aluminum Cans Question
  159. Quick printer breakdown
  160. Funny Scrapping a Big Hard Drive
  161. Dangers of Dismantling a Magnetron
  162. How To The biggest industrial shredder in the world.
  163. Youtube Commercial for my cleanout company
  164. Homemade shaker table
  165. Some of our videos
  166. We have a blast doing what we do
  167. Our serious marketing video
  168. Harddrive Disassemble from start to finsih
  169. Just Me and My Best Buddy and My side kick
  170. Urban E Recycling new video
  171. Urban e recyclings newest video
  172. Interesting British Scrapping Documentary
  173. Fun with Microwave Magnets
  174. Insane sealed unit scrapper
  175. Popping wheelies
  176. New Scrapping Youtube Channel
  177. The golden ticket
  178. Have an aluminum can?
  179. Scrap Carbide, Tungsten, Heavymet ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW
  180. How To Scrap A Vacuum Cleaner - HD 1080p
  181. Electric Motors & Microwaves: Break Down Videos
  182. This Could Have Been Bad
  183. Score Bikes & Mowers & Metal, OH MY!
  184. Scrap Steel
  185. tip for removing copper from steel layered transformers.
  186. Recycling a used oil filter
  187. Normal and Fast motion trip to the Scrap Yard looking backwards
  188. Copper Yoke Party Time!
  189. Scrapping with my mini bike & garden cart!
  190. This would make processing electric motors so much easier...
  191. 2 year anniversary video thank you to all our customers mentors and friends
  192. Stripping Solid Copper Wire with Treadmill Motors
  193. Towing Out Shopping Cart From The Creek!
  194. Score Easy way to double your money on transformers and copper yokes
  195. Where To Find Scrap Copper
  196. How To Scrap A CRT TV Monitor Safely
  197. How To Scrap A Microwave Safely
  198. For our lego friends out there our newest video
  199. Score Free Running Curbco Mowers!
  200. CopperMine Tools Wire Stripper Model 500!
  201. Scrappin Kings Music Video
  202. Great american teach in
  203. Score Curb Co Scrap Haul!
  204. Score Live Scrapping Curb Co
  205. My new mini bailer. Lol
  206. Score Trip to the yard!
  207. Question channel?
  208. Funny $80,000 can crusher
  209. Score Scrapping the Suburbs - Spring Clean-Up Week!
  210. My youtube channel some scrap loads
  211. Knowing your boards
  212. Stripping insulated copper wire for cash money
  213. Pretty sure you just scrapped two cats as steel...
  214. Aluminium guess the weight.
  215. 1946 steel video
  216. Anyone have experience on Stripping BX cables?
  217. Thought I'd Share
  218. Our Business of the Year award Video
  219. Look what we got
  220. Twitching Hard Drive Corpse...
  221. Adam Minter on the $500 Billion Scrap Industry
  222. A right machine to process copper wire scrap
  223. Tip Cash In The Trash - Playlist Dealing With E-scrap
  224. How To A fastest way to recycle AC radiator
  225. Phone recycling machine for you e-waste people
  226. Serious CRT Dumping Is Becoming More Common
  227. Has anyone here ever scrapped lead "range scrap? Not Brass casings.
  228. Let's Play Salvage Yard Simulator
  229. Breaking Down A Locomotive
  230. CRT Recycling.
  231. BS-1200S scrap air conditioner radiator
  232. My Good Day Turns Into A Bad Day
  233. Small Junkyard - Lots Of Cars
  234. scrapping elec motors
  235. Donating computers:our thoughts on the matter
  236. Funny Goats.......
  237. When you're out of gas...
  238. How scrap electric motos
  239. Scrappers Guide to Brass
  240. Scrappers Guide to Computer Tower
  241. Score Machine for Ripping Windings Out Of Electric Motors
  242. Scrappers Guide to Radiators
  243. Scrappers Guide to Stainless Steel
  244. Scrappers Guide to Aluminum Breakage
  245. Scrappers Guide to Rims
  246. Poll A wire stripping machine I want to make, but on a much smaller scale Table Top Size
  247. Huge Pile Of Scrap Motorcycles
  248. not a good video at all! LOL
  249. My Work Area Were I Scrap Electronics - Video - Cash In The Trash
  250. laptop recycling service provider in nz?