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  1. prices Are on the rise
  2. Persistence pays off
  3. Liability Insurance
  4. Scrap Metal guidelines for Beginners
  5. new law starting jan/1 for scrap yards
  6. No more electronics
  7. Where the big money is right now
  8. Some scrap metal price links
  9. Whats copper going for in your area?
  10. Not all scrap is...well....Scrap ??
  11. What do we do in the winter ???
  12. Scrap Metal as an investment
  13. Aluminium Cans
  14. Which is worth more - Aluminum Screen or Light Iron?
  15. scrap metal prices
  16. Any interest in 275 gallon oil tanks?
  17. Turning Over Scrap Metal
  18. Winch...who has the best brand?
  19. Fair offering price for freon removal?
  20. Copper hits record high
  21. Our recycling center dabbing in E-Recycling.
  22. Do you give clients a receipt?
  23. Copper hoarding
  24. Not so new of a Idea
  25. Electronic Waste laws starting for 2011.
  26. Have you analyzed your business model and made any changes for this year?
  27. Trailers / Mobile Homes
  28. Website up and running
  29. Making sure you are paid for what you bring in...
  30. Computer boards are packed up and ready to be picked up.
  31. Advertising on Facebook
  32. Does your yard pay more for steel than mixed?
  33. Wood burner call is good and bad for me.
  34. Another lesson learned...
  35. Boilers. Breaking them down.
  36. Wikipedia Quoters
  37. auctions
  38. What kind of weekly earnings a hard working new scraper can make
  39. Thar's Gold in Them Thar Circuit Boards!
  40. Business planning
  41. Had an Idea that I havent seen on here yet
  42. Website for Scrap Thefts
  43. Cleaning out a house
  44. Best score, and odd scrap
  45. If You Had $5,000 to Spend on Your Scrap Business- What Would You Do??
  46. 20 Ways to Have A Better Approach To Your New / Prospective Clients
  47. Often Wondered
  48. Feet Per Pound Wire Weight
  49. Scrappers in MN or close?
  50. Scrappers in West VA?
  51. full time scrappers
  52. 25 cents/lb for copper?
  53. Compressor scrap prices >
  54. buying auto shop cores
  55. Economy
  56. How Often Do You Go To The Yard?
  57. Crackdown on "Transportation of Illegal Non-Ferrous Metals"
  58. In over my head!
  59. Cell phone towers/antennae
  60. E-waste start to finish
  61. What Pile would you put these things into?? Sorting questions
  62. First week of scrapping.. How do you think I did??
  63. More than just Light Iron
  64. Hot Water Heaters
  65. Inconel question what is it? price per lb?
  66. Partnership questions looking for advice
  67. Let's talk theory
  68. Possible summer business venture- looking for input
  69. I love spring clean up.
  70. A Few Questions From a Beginner
  71. How would you handle this?
  72. Road sign posts
  73. Answer Your Dang Phone!!!
  74. 3 simple things that will make more money.
  75. New Need Advice
  76. Beginning To Really Hate Craigslist
  77. Freon Recovery
  78. Extruded Aluminum??
  79. What is a "Professional"?
  80. lawn mowers, worth it?
  81. New Dealer looking for answers
  82. Big bonus for me! My town now takes all electronic scrap
  83. Way to track trends in pricing?
  84. Scrap Metal EBooks
  85. High metal prices are bad for business
  86. Thinking of moving sometime soon...
  87. Metal Prices Hammered
  88. ZED Purlins in metal Industry :)
  89. Texas e-waste recycling programs
  90. Can metals be scrapped without being separated?
  91. Merchant Circle
  92. Buying broke down appliances
  93. Interesting Find
  94. General liablity insurance
  95. Wiring
  96. Plastic
  97. alu cans
  98. aluminum foil
  99. how to find recyclers or warehouses who sell escrap
  100. There's a better option out there
  101. For those trying to contact me for the buyer of e-scrap in Ohio
  102. Getting clients
  103. Gold
  104. Buying Scrap Truck/Car Batteries in Bulk
  105. Older Ram Memory - surprise!
  106. a little common business sence
  107. Got a job from the scrap yard.
  108. will this work as a bis modle your thoughts please.
  109. put bid on #1 steel from demo
  110. Texas Scrappers
  111. Lost Job
  112. it pays to shop the yards todays prices
  113. Web Site
  114. Gold prices
  115. ?'s about trying to subcontract a scrap job from a scrap company at their job site
  116. Going to Bid A Job
  117. Questions from a new guy
  118. Now here is a woman who made things happen!
  119. no matter how big or how small
  120. Possible Scrap Source
  121. CRT's What to do with the bulk?
  122. A good experience from last week.
  123. Stealing from a Scrap Yard!!! How Dumb only to come back to SELL it!
  124. Current Stainless prices
  125. capasiters
  126. finally bought some "free" business cards.
  127. Auctions
  128. Got an interesting call today...
  129. Scrapped My First House This Week.
  130. thinking about fixing non running mowers too
  131. How honest is your yard?
  132. Breaking down my first load of E Scrap.
  133. Core Web Site
  134. Scrap Metal Free VS Buying
  135. Batteries
  136. Where are all the trailers?????
  137. Scrap Depot profitable?
  138. Fiber Optic Cable
  139. What are these worth approx??? Boilers!
  140. My business cunundrum
  141. Job Offer
  142. important discussion we all need to have
  143. easy where are ya when I need ya :)
  144. How much is too much?
  145. 43,000 Lbs of Electric motors.
  146. first time poster! owned a scrap yard for about a year and i have a few questions.
  147. What do you do besides scrap metal?
  148. Sweet deals bartering with YARDS!
  149. CRM Software
  150. analising a class 2 medium size transformer
  151. According to Iron Mike Scrap Metal...
  152. Do you refuse to go into houses?
  153. found out today there is a law stopping scrap yards from buying CO2 (?) tanks
  154. Recycling expired energy drink
  155. Scap for sale. Should I buy it? Can you guess the weight of these?
  156. fishin for customers, but may have hooked a wale.
  157. Transporting Batteries
  158. Stock Market v. metal price
  159. Need some advice...
  160. what we can do about the tweeker/thieves
  161. What to know when starting out?
  162. Texas scrappers
  163. second wale on the line WOW!
  164. Magnesium Turnings
  165. inventory management
  166. Its been a good week
  167. New website, what are your thoughts?
  168. Need a little advice.
  169. Merrit Cattle Trailers
  170. New Concept To Old Profession Well Maybe Not
  171. Advice for scrap in Manitoba
  172. What will the price of Gold be by year end?
  173. bought my first small loaqd for my scrap depot
  174. Please help: Scrap Value List - Mowers, Grills, Stoves, exc
  175. How to get a Check at a Scrapyard?
  176. Some questions on Scrapping
  177. Scrapping Semi Trailers
  178. charging for or accepting for free?
  179. If you had $5000. to get started in scrapping how would you use it?
  180. welders ?
  181. Bidding on computer monitors
  182. Eletric Motors at 0.10 a pound what would you do?
  183. E-waste prices
  184. What do you think?
  185. What your scrap yard does - or doesn't do - that keeps you coming!
  186. help, need a new partner!
  187. partner. who? yes? no?
  188. Authorization Form
  189. Protection Against Those Charged with Protecting Us
  190. New South Carolina Law
  191. Need some advice on freight
  192. 2 months in ... Fresh ideas and Old tricks welcome
  193. Copper Miner's Strike in Peru
  194. choosing your business associates
  195. sole propieror vs. LLC
  196. Approached by strangers
  197. Free diesel
  198. Buying and Selling Junk Cars
  199. Another call.
  200. Why would you not call back?????
  201. to all the noobs:
  202. Offering free shipping.
  203. How do you advertise?
  204. Website
  205. Wow, this is a good amount of scrap.
  206. Starting and Running an Honest business.
  207. Escrap prices in European country
  208. Contracting for cleaning out foreclosures
  209. Officially a small business
  210. Shutdown.
  211. Different strokes for different folks.
  212. More copper criminals
  213. different strokes part 2
  214. Fundraising, what was I thinking?? Should I go for it?
  215. Had an idea, might backfire, might not, what do yall think?
  216. The copper market improving????
  217. Copper Drop In Price Good .....
  218. How is the margin of copper doing today?
  219. Texas new laws in place Senate Bill 694.
  220. Advertising idea with schools
  221. buying some mother boards
  222. Opening New Business which State is Best
  223. I hate you Copper Market!!!!
  224. WA State businesses
  225. Critique & Vote on my Business Card
  226. Scrap place in southwest Oklahoma/northern Texas?
  227. buy out? hmmm
  228. Starting a new scrapyard
  229. Scrap seller Cooperative concept
  230. gold market
  231. aluminum or stainless
  232. Starting a clean out service. need help with the legal stuff
  233. No way this will fly
  234. Name Change??
  235. 19,000 lbs of shell casings.
  236. first trip to town establdishing E waste rout.
  237. Would you use a yard that doesn't post prices?
  238. prices today panama city FL
  239. Lee County Florida proposing no more cash for scrap metal........
  240. Effective ways of obtaining scrap metal?
  241. Today is yard trip day!
  242. Scrap dealing coming to a screeching halt
  243. Gold market today.
  244. Gold/Silver/Copper/Palladium Market
  245. Refrigerator full of rotten food.
  246. market update = Gold is up 21+ at 9:38AM
  247. Is your scrap yard dead?
  248. took a little scrap in today and w2as reminded.
  249. Holidays are Coming
  250. analizing my e wast buy from yesterday