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  1. Do you sort scrap to maximize or just throw everything together?
  2. Scrapping Grandpa's Hogfarm
  3. Woot, first home job lined up.
  4. 9/21/10 Industrial Fabrication machine demo and removal
  5. Fitness is dead
  6. School district
  7. Have you ever received a request like this?
  8. Great satruday morning
  9. Not to bad of a day
  10. Battery sale day tomorrow
  11. Not a bad last couple weekends for me
  12. Car
  13. scrap metal is getting harder to come by
  14. Look what I found!
  15. brass shell recycing
  16. Aluminum ONLY
  17. x-ray machines
  18. Noisy truckloads of slag
  19. finally able to spend more time scraping.
  20. Thx for the advice
  21. Finally some good business.
  22. Not too shabby today
  23. Made a great trade
  24. Drill powered Wire Stripper
  25. Bah, The bad weather finally hit. Guess I work on wire for awhile.
  26. Steel banding
  27. Bought a trash compactor...
  28. I love livin the 'scrappers life'!
  29. How do people treat you knowing you are a "scrapper?"
  30. Small find. Decent metal.
  31. What to do with this.
  32. Help!!!
  33. Thanks for Craigslist
  34. Water healer
  35. newbie
  36. It's not all scrap...
  37. Scrapping several trailers on one property. Need Advice! (With Pics)
  38. What a joke.
  39. Recycling old computers today
  40. Big screen Tv
  41. It Was A Good Day...
  42. Anyone else do this?????
  43. Farm Metal Dump Madness
  44. The Main Thing I Love About scrapping
  45. Let the Week Begin!
  46. Hey Im new and I have some ?'s :)
  47. Television Picture Tubes
  48. Stripping mobile homes
  49. Interesting facts about Pennies, the US CURRENCY
  50. Going To Need A Bigger Hammer...
  51. the weekend so far..
  52. Got my first real CL call
  53. scrapping a mobile home. what to look for and how much
  54. Free TV's
  55. Ice storm here, stayed in garage
  56. great start to the week
  57. Todays Agenda
  58. Replaced Fiberglass shell with sideboards
  59. $14 in coins in the last dryer
  60. A good couple of days
  61. Love this job! (with pics)
  62. how do you guys split the profit?
  63. First time ever at recyclers.
  64. Pretty decent for a 15 year old
  65. Rent house clean up.
  66. odd ball scrap
  67. A day in the life of a scrapper (video)
  68. Woahh!
  69. First night out
  70. ALMOST made a big mistake
  71. First adventures in Scrapping...
  72. I am giving away steel
  73. HUGE find!!!
  74. Good day yesterday
  75. Cops and Scrappers
  76. Trying a new thing tomorrow
  77. Call to pick up refridgerator
  78. Scrapping out a house!
  79. Stumbled upon a MONEY pit!!
  80. Good garbage day in the suburbs...
  81. Sweet Load Picked up Yesterday
  82. Crappy Morning turned into an awesome Day :)
  83. South florida scrap (broward)
  84. 10 days difference - about ready to start hauling
  85. You folks made me do it!
  86. The trick is...
  87. Took my copper and aluminum in today
  88. Heck yea!
  89. Large loads........
  90. Copper ONLY
  91. Decent Find :)
  92. Good Pay Day
  93. Got me a new trailer today!
  94. Nice guy gave me a cat today
  95. Setting up to get some bigger business! I Hope!
  96. Scrapper pulled over by 2 cops with police dog. Patted down for weapons
  97. Poacher
  98. Do women get better prices at the yard?
  99. Dead Batteries
  100. Scrap Yard Mistake
  101. 15 lawn mower engines
  102. Being nice to the yard guys
  103. To Smelt or not to Smelt...that is the question
  104. First day scrapping! Howd I do?
  105. Found a 59 TBird lincoln Lion hubcap
  106. Found a Gold Mine...But There's a Catch...
  107. I took a job away from the big guys
  108. Got pulled over today, heard something interesting.
  109. Im learning.....
  110. A few small metal items
  111. A Bad Call Gone Very Good
  112. The yard guy wasn't happy with me today.
  113. First really Big Haul
  114. Took in 600 LBs of futon beds broke down, did i mess up?
  115. My stainless lesson
  116. Just poking around today
  117. Big Load I hauled in Today!
  118. Looking for some advice.
  119. Found a cool car in the woods
  120. Couple of good days!
  121. Cashing in my copper/alum/steel piles today
  122. Slow week, scary fuel costs...what to do!
  123. 3 days a week
  124. Your favorite thing to teardown
  125. What were they thinking??
  126. Yesterday's Prices
  127. Call to sell a Winnebago
  128. You folks in Indianapolis
  129. Scrapped some jacuzzis
  130. ~Mini Honey Hole~
  131. Not again!
  132. Wow...hardly any metal out lately :-(
  133. going to suck it up and buy a wire stripper.
  134. What i scraped today
  135. How much do you think its worth
  136. Lawn Care Scrapping
  137. 1921 car scrapped
  138. anybody know about eagle talons?
  139. Nice haul yesterday!
  140. BAD day for a scrap yard
  141. Hampton Roads, Virginia area Haul
  142. New shop - ideal setup suggestions?
  143. how not to make your wife happy
  144. found 3 subaru cats in the woods
  145. Finally got a good spot!
  146. How many are ya'll using diesel trucks?
  147. I love scrapping!
  148. Long day for me...one warehouse..with photos
  149. Tvs/CRT's
  150. Lets put a bounty on tweekers and thieves
  151. scrapping part-time w/ small car?
  152. Bogus Calls
  153. Filled my pickup full of axels today
  154. Shocker load
  155. Having a good ole' time
  156. From trash to treasure
  157. My good deed for today.
  158. Making Dollars!
  159. Just Got a Call
  160. Car questions.
  161. UGh Printers
  162. New high dollar amount for one load.
  163. Amazing what folks throw away
  164. Back in the Game
  165. What Business am I Really In?
  166. Everyone a scrapper
  167. Junk = Gold?!
  168. Fun day yesterday
  169. Scrapped something different today.
  170. Got a job in a scrap yard
  171. what type of "metal" is this?
  172. How to get dealer pricing.
  173. Vintage Coke Machine - Score!
  174. Corrugated tin roof - EASY & Fast SALE
  175. Latest adventure
  176. Good day today!
  177. Scrapping Hard Drives/cd/dvd drives?
  178. June proving to be a great month!
  179. To the cop that is on this fourm
  180. Selling fish heads
  181. Went to Look at Job
  182. Hauled a nice load today!
  183. I love scrapping!
  184. Coaxle Wire Question
  185. Bad news and great news.
  186. Garbage Picking is Fun!
  187. Scored 1000 lbs high grade communication boards
  188. Ugh....Ideas...where did you go?
  189. Second Call for Teardown
  190. Landed our largest ever account today
  191. first full 8 hr day in 4 years felt great !
  192. My new yard takes Racoon Fur.......
  193. Went To Look At Mobile
  194. You snooze, you LOSE!
  195. Current project
  196. Crazy Ads From Craigslist
  197. An this is what they told me!!..must read...has photos.
  198. Well, all i had to say was "Here's my card"!
  199. Bike to Work Day
  200. The life on my poor phone...
  201. If you had space....
  202. Finally A Pool That Pays Off
  203. Found a New Scraping Friend!!!
  204. Last months scrapping =?$
  205. if they built trucks like washer tubs ?
  206. Part about scrapping.
  207. Today's battery buy
  208. Check the dimensions of my brass.
  209. A Few Tons of TVs With a lot of issues. (Warning - Kinda Long)
  210. A Day in the Life of a Scrapper
  211. I need to Vent!
  212. The grind
  213. June 24th Scrap Prices and haul
  214. Found a whole truckload of steel in the trash yesterday
  215. 12 ton ac unit
  216. DoD scrap contracts
  217. Being pulled in so many ways....
  218. Woot!!
  219. My first big job...
  220. Jack Pot
  221. Medical X Ray machine
  222. Did our First Storage Units Today!
  223. The right person....
  224. Probably the most disturbing/sketchy/awful way to dismantle ANYTHING
  225. Grains Bins
  226. Heavy Duty Transformers
  227. Prices up at my Yard this week !
  228. Pulled an old incinerator uphill with a chain myself
  229. Scrapper Movie
  230. A nice little score.....
  231. good day scrapping
  232. I just wanted my shed cleaned out
  233. My first post
  234. A death....
  235. some are too stupid to even be thieves
  236. Buying insulated copper wire. Dumb idea or?
  237. So I popped my cherry today...
  238. Finally got something to do.
  239. First Few Days Scrapping
  240. What's are some of your favorite things that you've found?
  241. My little sister found me a load.
  242. Ah man did I feel bad for the guy in front of me
  243. Gettin a load today afterall.
  244. Awesome Saturday Buy!!!!!!
  245. Is Scrapping worth your Life
  246. First Week Scrapping
  247. Ink Cartridges..
  248. first e cycle stash..
  249. Just Been Down The Woods
  250. Word of mouth paid off for me today from surprising source!