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  1. Insulated copper wire
  2. Gas Grills
  3. Poor mans trailer/storage
  4. Reminder when scrapping dryers
  5. Removing copper wire from alternator core
  6. Old Brass Decorations
  7. stereo receivers
  8. Metal Weight Calculator
  9. A/C Scrapping
  10. Reminder about whether to strip wire or not
  11. Teenager New to Scrapping, Help Please
  12. Nickel-chromium anyone?
  13. Where do you work?
  14. new to the scrap seen
  15. Tips for the Very Frugal.
  16. Very interesting read. Good bit of information
  17. Sticky insulation on wires of smaller gauge + building a "jig" for stripping
  18. brass ends on hoses
  19. What grade copper is this and would you clean it first?
  20. books on scrap metal
  21. dont forget if ur going out collecting aluminum cans dont sell beer cans to scrapyard
  22. It pays to be courteous
  23. Hello, I'm new to all of this
  24. What is this thing? What kind of metal is it??
  25. Faucets and doorknobs/locksets
  26. Question about vacuum cleaners HELP!
  27. goodwill in store parking lot?
  28. Deep/chest Freezers
  29. Home Owners Association
  30. buss one time fuse
  31. Question about OLD FURNACES.
  32. scrapping chairs
  33. any tips about scrapping cars??
  34. making a wire stripper
  35. stripping copper wire vs non stripping-my opinion.
  36. buying copper on ebay
  37. Help on cars and trucks
  38. Self-Storage For a Base Camp?
  39. Cleaning copper
  40. Trying to shed some light on CB - Ham Coax and Antennas
  41. Things Were Going Well
  42. Old Commercial Boiler
  43. What's Your Craigslist Strategy?
  44. Locksmiths
  45. Got a big rusty car pile in the woods, what equip't would you use?
  46. Abandoned car, need advice
  47. Ensure Accurate Weights
  48. Useful Article
  49. Keep some tools in your truck...
  50. "Wow this bag of phone chargers is heavy"
  51. Stupid Question
  52. new scrapper here would i make money off of this
  53. A three way
  54. best price
  55. flat screen tvs
  56. air conditioner compressors , a can of money or a can of worms ?
  57. Tanks and cylinders.
  58. Burning wire vs stripping wire?
  59. Bikes
  60. help cleaning copper ?
  61. Just got a bunch of Printers
  62. Forklift Scrap????
  63. old musical instruments
  64. Hooked on metal - question on Bed Frames
  65. PVC Insulation?
  66. ISRI Scrap specifications circular
  67. So is this what it is all about?
  68. A/C Compressors Everything you wanted to know
  69. Is it Stainless Steel, Chrome-plated Brass or Aluminum?
  70. TV yokes
  71. Get the Copper out of Home AC Condencers?
  72. Business cut right off!!!!
  73. best sasall blade ? your thoughts
  74. What time should you go scrapping?
  75. Removing Gold Plate from brass and other metals
  76. Weakest link - Improve your business
  77. oops found a white guy in the wood pile
  78. Office Cubicles
  79. what I learned thos week
  80. Motors?
  81. cleaning varnish and tar off copper wore and painted A/C tubbing ?
  82. TV's are they really worth scrapping?
  83. How to get FREE 55 gallon Drums
  84. Desktop Tower Analysis
  85. Another source for copper wire
  86. New here, Hi all, many questions NEWB
  87. How to tell the difference between brass...
  88. BIG screen tv's... the old ones
  89. Brown PC Boards
  90. the profesion we have chosen" can be dangerous use caution
  91. A/C radiators Seperate or turn in whole?
  92. Recycling Spark Plugs
  93. Catalyc converter advice:
  94. Catalyc converter advice:
  95. Slim pickings, down to scrounging rebars
  96. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  97. Big Transformers
  98. A place to potentially sell your electronic finds
  99. How to become a profitable scrapper?
  100. 523 Computers.. any money here?
  101. A tip about old computers
  102. Oxydized copper and prices???
  103. Where to start ?
  104. starting point of scrapping
  105. What full time job could you find the most scrap?
  106. Suggestive wording when inquiring about scrap
  107. Scrap metal terms and definitions
  108. E GUYS I need some advice.
  109. copper price really down?
  110. Full Timers Please help
  111. Food Cans
  112. Review, Review, Review. And when you get tired of reviewing....review some more.
  113. truck brake drums, money makers?
  114. mobile home
  115. What to do with plastics?
  116. Construction sites
  117. Real Estate Investors, RE Agents, Foreclosure's etc
  118. My Scrap Yard in Hope B.C.
  119. Frozen Clutch
  120. how to drag heavy items uphill,out of ditches,etc.
  121. pop tabs
  122. Advice on how to scrap my mobile home
  123. New use for old pizza boxes
  124. Spring Brake Chamber Can Kill You
  125. Motorcyle
  126. Professional Business Cards,
  127. Jig I made for slitting copper pipe
  128. Lead Wheel Weights
  129. Mercury in tv's and comp moniters
  130. armoured bx cable
  131. A simple way to strip stranded wire
  132. Scrappers behaving badly
  133. how to find free scrap on craigslist
  134. Bissell Spot cleaners
  135. Car Engine
  136. My TV and CRT Yokes Solution
  137. My new fairly local mode of scrap location
  138. Wire stripping - everyones favourite topic :)
  139. Harddrives.... Cast or Die Cast?
  140. Magnesium Rim Flats Help plez
  141. Hold Everything!!!!!!!!!!!
  142. Motor windings
  143. Coax cable
  144. Silver contacts
  145. What do you think of this flyer... before I print it.
  146. newer box type TV little value !
  147. Save those fender emblems,(Car Scrappers)
  148. So many TV's...so many TV's....need a bit of inspiration i reckon?
  149. Who Is your favorite E Scrap Buyer and Why?
  150. moderators question ?
  151. Scrap definitions
  152. Need help
  153. CoppeR questions
  154. TX scrappers in the DFW area that scrap cars
  155. Silver Contacts
  156. heres a tip for you scrappers
  157. Different types of Brass
  158. Advice/feedback on my sorting...
  159. Bulk trash day tips and advice
  160. Help! I need to strip an old Johnson Outboard motor.
  161. aluminum billet
  162. Understanding the difference of circuit board parts.
  163. Just Starting Scrapping
  164. electronic ballast?
  165. Melting Copper bright vs. burnt
  166. i took apart a large microwave..just wondering
  167. Shout Out to All Scrap Metal Forum Members -and- Mercury Recovery **Important**
  168. first attempt at self PM recovery
  169. Adms:sticky on mercury
  170. Getting more scrap from Craigslist
  171. Getting permission to go onto bank-owned property?
  172. Silver Recovery & Selling Advice / Feedback Needed Please:
  173. Some Basic Tips From A New Scrapper
  174. Cleaning Copper - Vinegar/Salt Method
  175. Dumping?
  176. Bearing metals, Is it Bismuth ?
  177. Saving Those Receipts For Tax-Time:
  178. bonded tv yoke
  179. how to get the most from copper wires/tubes
  180. don't get cheated on comp heat sinks
  181. Cleaning aluminum
  182. what would you buy from a scrapyard to take home and breakdown?
  183. DIY Small Wire Stripper
  184. Need Tips and advice on Computer scrap
  185. Computer cables
  186. difference between cast iron and reg iron
  187. Boards versus fingers
  188. CRT Monitors
  189. scrapping a big rig, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler
  190. 40 ft flatbed aluminum
  191. Help me
  192. oh boy what did i get myself into..........
  193. Guess what this is....Weighs 100lbs and you make $120 per unit
  194. Winter Storms for Aluminum of All Sorts
  195. stainless steel vault door?
  196. Industrial 3 phase electrical motor ???
  197. good idea ?
  198. Winching froze'/buried items
  199. Copper as I know it
  200. Prepared steel advantage price wise?
  201. Catalytic converter removal - the easy way
  202. Starting Out
  203. Tungsten carbide drill teeth
  204. Stainless steal milk tub cutting
  205. window screen frames
  206. tv scrap
  207. Wire spool weight ?
  208. Defense Scrap Yard Handbook
  209. cordless tools
  210. asking people for scrap
  211. Need quick advice !
  212. wire gauge
  213. What I do with printers
  214. hard drive disc
  215. Question for guys who scrap alot of cars!!
  216. What should I be getting for appliance motors with aluminum windings?
  217. Wire identification
  218. Please help
  219. Weighing wire
  220. Isri scrap metal specifications.
  221. Removing a tire
  222. Copper %
  223. Direct tv dish
  224. Respect/Manners goes a long way
  225. catalytic converters
  226. todays com wire experment.
  227. alu looking copper heat sinks
  228. Low alpha lead?
  229. Today's experiment: cleaning boards with a grinder.
  230. hello everyone im new is craigs always this good
  231. vending machine
  232. Looking for reliable bins to throw e-scrap material in?
  233. Any tips for me
  234. mobile home frame
  235. Any tips?
  236. Floor copiers!
  237. spliting metal
  238. New Scraper... first stop is my husbands junk pile for $
  239. No time for cloaks and secret handshakes I need advice
  240. Lets start this - How much scrap items weigh.
  241. How do you scrap a riding lawnmower?
  242. is this worth buying for the escrap?
  243. Construction site advice....Please!!!
  244. Should I tear it apart????
  245. Thermocouples
  246. new trailet, new winch, part timer looking to climb ladder. advice from veterans???
  247. Spa motor copper
  248. tungsten scrap
  249. CRT tip for those living in California
  250. Need a quick answer