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  1. Scrap Metal Forum? - This is the best thing I've come across in a long time
  2. Excellent site! Great work! Cheers!
  3. Don't let this forum die. Post anything - You might actually be helping somebody
  4. The economy
  5. Can anyone help identify this?
  6. scraper
  7. "Strippers Claw" anyone? Ha ha
  8. Suggestion
  9. Happy Birthday, Andrew
  10. Where is everyone ???
  11. Does anyone else......
  12. Some good reading for new and "not so new" scrappers
  13. Scrapping Domain Names
  14. Sharp Eyes
  15. Beware of link to "scrapiesjunkies.webnode"
  16. How does "the shredder" work?
  17. Make extra money daily?
  18. I won BIG today
  19. Merry Christmas Scrappers
  20. Possible new forum
  21. Who all scraps cars on a regular basis?
  22. Is anybody's yard open on weekends?
  23. Blah, temporarily outta work.
  24. injunjoe's jungle tour!
  25. Got Caught
  26. The bar is open
  27. Scrap Cars!
  28. marlboro.com free gift
  29. Tires
  30. How much will I make threads
  31. What Are You Drinking Tonight?
  32. Ignore button
  33. I just gotta say....
  34. Sleepy!!!
  35. Just because
  36. Difference Between Red and Green?
  37. a way to make some extra money (:
  38. So, what was this guy thinking?
  39. My Books
  40. anyone on here from uk ?
  41. Quibids
  42. is this a newly constructed forum
  43. while out on the hunt.....
  44. Osama Bin Laden is dead
  45. rules for AC disposal
  46. funny dog video
  47. Did you throw money away?
  48. The forum inbox??
  49. Need help with my refrigerator
  50. Web site visitor
  51. I understand competition, but this is getting WAY out of hand
  52. Hi and dry land for sale
  53. I've got all this flooring adhesive and????
  54. Caught me a thief!
  55. Is it just me?
  56. Anyone else considered Green Building?
  57. A sound my truck makes...
  58. How many of ya'll carry?
  59. a picture of my copper wire granulator
  60. The DA Called Today
  61. My musical choice for the evening.
  62. Only 1 PM
  63. Strangest thing anyone has ever said to you?
  64. an absolute cure rot the DISTRESS of back achs
  65. My musical choice for tonight.
  66. First time
  67. Bruins tonight
  68. If I caught a spam monkey I would....
  69. Work Space
  70. Watch out for this
  71. You Might Be a Scrapper If......
  72. Father's Day
  73. *****y wife...
  74. Just wanted to drop a line of thanks!
  75. Twas a great day!
  76. craogs list: all kidding aside
  77. re: spammers/scammers
  78. Site with lots of good advice
  79. junk yard
  80. Casey Trial
  81. What I've learned so far from reading threads here
  82. Deleting posts
  83. : ) happyness is :
  84. If you can't laugh at this........
  85. a scary story
  86. went t5o the yard yesterday, didn't know weather to laugh or cry
  87. Soccer?
  88. Like freedom? Thank a soldier
  89. scrap metal music video
  90. Good week for keepsies lol
  91. Stumped the scrap yard
  92. money saving secret
  93. hypermiling
  94. Scrap yard worker fires back at would be robbers
  95. At home assembley jobs that aren't scams?
  96. Howz'a'bout This Scrap Team?
  97. Friday night musings - 7-22-11
  98. Come On People Only So Many Ways!
  99. Things you can do with unusable gasoline.
  100. HELP posting photos on here from Iphone?
  101. waiting, waiting, waiting.
  102. I miss re-cycler
  103. Dee dump ypur maol box
  104. Signs
  105. Oh Dad - Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. privet group for the new association
  107. Gold!
  108. Dryer finds
  109. Request for Prayer and Good Thoughts
  110. Dee, thought of you when I saw this...
  111. Best Scrap Buddy
  112. Litle help please car people. :)
  113. Computer Finds
  114. Web site
  115. Anyone else having trouble loading ebay?
  116. Lightning Strike
  117. Market Caution
  118. Getting over the worst 8 days of my life
  119. Need some critiques on flier before printing, tell me if I need changes/missing stuff
  120. Turned 21 at midnight
  121. Why recycling is better than the stock market.
  122. keep an eye on your trucks
  123. Many Thanks To Everyone
  124. Basic Info
  125. Go Steelers
  126. Currency/stockmarket trading
  127. Stock market tools and some info.
  128. Keeping track of copper and other metals,
  129. When you are out picking up - whats your most fave thing to get?
  130. posting picture
  131. T-shirt: I love (heart shape) scrap metal????
  132. Dirty Money
  133. New area for the forums?
  134. Hello, mrdewgood
  135. Need help- will a 12 volt battery power a florescent light?
  136. This made me smile. Scrap metal made the front page today
  137. APB KZ Dude
  138. Is your scrap yard following you on here?
  139. Lol, what not to do in basements
  140. missouri scrappers
  141. Irene
  142. need help putting pics up
  143. Today would be my birthday.
  144. brick scrap value
  145. Help ! I wrecked my lawn tractor.
  146. Finally a small vacation!
  147. Friggin truck - I'm on down time now two days
  148. We Welcome a New Addition
  149. Dismantling forum
  150. got my new eye balls ordered today
  151. I'm back
  152. Rant - County is giving me grief.
  153. My buddy found $2000 in scrap yesterday. In his attic.
  154. Well this is just lovely!
  155. Reeeeeeeealy dumb question about fridge compressor oil/freon
  156. Stuff just happens
  157. Cooler Weather
  158. West Memphis 3 - RANT
  159. Photo radar ticket
  160. Texas fires...
  161. Happy Labor Day
  162. Anyone play video games?
  163. Your First Computer
  164. Plead not guilty
  165. Wanted to know if aluminum cans were extrude, cast or sheet...
  166. just married
  167. I got snapped by CRt tube but no wires were on it! Hows that work??
  168. my apologys
  169. Planting the seed.
  170. ACME Kitchettes
  171. Finally something of my own
  172. What do yall think of this thing?..
  173. Where were you on 9/11 ??
  174. mr G is right ya can't fix stupid.
  175. Does anyone else think this is weird
  176. To the person who gave me the sweeper I am now breaking down....
  177. Sudoku
  178. Website traffic/info.
  179. Next county over cracking down on independant paper/cardboard recyclers
  180. GeorgeB your question how making a video on my computer screen
  181. Real Funny Bumper Sticker,
  182. in case i dont make it..
  183. Freon Removal Course
  184. Tried a free add today..
  185. Dumpster Dee
  186. Foot and Dad Update
  187. Finally got a motor apart all the way - the keepsies held me up
  188. Anybody own a Keurig? I <3 this thing!
  189. Dinner Scraps...
  190. New 700,000 btu Torch for my foundry furance
  191. Telephone service.
  192. What do you collect.
  193. Moving to Washington State finally!!
  194. First Load of Scrap
  195. Diesel Fuel
  196. Any one care to quess the weight which will be posted Monday evening
  197. Honey Wagon
  198. Say, Effects Of Drywall Or...?
  199. Where in the world is Hoss?
  200. Gold and silver Crash ?
  201. This is how i feel today
  202. Well that will be it folks
  203. Just got back from a MUCH needed vacation
  204. Local scrap yard throwing a party!
  205. Dumb neighbor kid = entertainment value and 911 on speed dial for me!
  206. Kudos to the Adm stalff
  207. man am I ever stupid
  208. Rain, Rain, *%&$%# RAIN!
  209. Why is IT!
  210. How much should I make per load on average?
  211. how do I read yesterdays posts ?
  212. sitename suggestions
  213. need 4 elec stove switches
  214. OK you have to listen to this.
  215. My score of the week
  216. disrespect and self respect.
  217. Ants and Weeds
  218. Steve Jobs just died.
  219. October 5th anoher birhday passes
  220. Help needed from someone living in Ottawa Ont.
  221. Missing 50ft Bridge
  222. Thinking Of Opening New Store
  223. Woops
  224. It just dawned on me,
  225. Listening to tonight.
  226. brand new discovery and some advice :)
  227. Copper thief busted story
  228. Linked In.
  229. for all you Taters out there!
  230. Deal of the century. crane truck for $4000.00
  231. Lost interest in scrapping
  232. Non Ferrious Load for Winnipeg
  233. Dee Where Are You?
  234. my parents got their water heater replaced...
  235. Our website has taken off!!
  236. Some funny photos =D
  237. Scrapper hero
  238. Questions for car scrappers and/or junk yard owners
  239. I will count this as a bad week.
  240. This is a question for the admins
  241. Thanks Ewasted!
  242. For those who love AVON
  243. Happy Birthday Andrew
  244. For you metal junkies
  245. Update on Dee
  246. I'm in !!!!
  247. Profit before quality leads to bad products
  248. got camara got e scrap got photobucket
  249. skype?
  250. Anyone in North or Central Jersey???