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Small manual wire strippers?

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    Small manual wire strippers?

    I did some forum searches, found a few old examples, found dead links & pics too.

    I am basically looking for a manual wire stripper that is not expensive and is small enough to be portable. Either pocket-sized or 1 foot square. SOmething I could keep on my person or in my vehicle.

    I figure you guys know what is out there and what works well.

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    Did you lok at ebay, they have some but I don't know if it's small enough. If you have a truck you might be able to clamp on the tail gate or the bumpper.

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    I always carry one of these badboys.

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    I have tried strippers like these and they work good for solid wire, but any stranded wire is a real PITA. As I pulled the wire across the blade the copper broke constantly.

    I use a Drill Powered Cable Wire Stripper (that I bought from the same seller in the first link) and I love it. It takes a little bit of patience to get it set right, but I can fly through some wire with it.

    These are not pocket sized, but could quickly mounted/removed from a tailgate with a pair of C-clamps. Mine is mounted on a piece of wood about 12 x 18 and I just put it on a 5 gallon bucket between by knees and go to work.

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