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pots and pans

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    pots and pans

    While dumpster diving, I often come across pots and pans. The problem is, unless it's an aluminum pot, I don't know of a good way of figuring out what they are made of and, more importantly, what they are worth as scrap. OK, if a magnet sticks to it, I guess I just throw it into the iron/steel pile. But what if it does not and it's not aluminum? Are there any "quick and dirty" rules of classifying pots and pans scrap? Thanks!

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    Do any of them have numbers or name stamped into it? If so, put it into a search engine and see if anything comes up.

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    Look for "STAINLESS STEEL" stamped on the bottom. If cast ironware, pay attention to the brand. Some are going for a lot on Craig's List and Ebay. I've got a market for any cast iron stuff used as cabin wall decorations. Research exactly what it is you've got. For instance, some Dutch Ovens are worth a lot. So is Griswold cast iron.
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    Wagner and lodge are also 2 good cast iron names. If not magnetic I would think that it is easy to discern aluminum, stainless or copper. That would be the only choices.

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