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Thread: Heating elements.

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    Hypoman started this thread.
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    Heating elements.

    Does anyone know what the heating elements in dishwashers and in stoves are made of? I just took a dishwasher apart two days ago and I can't decide what it is made of. Also, does anyone know anything about thermo couple wiring? I asked my friend what this would be used in since he is a journeyman electrician and he said stoves and ovens were the only thing he could think of.... obviously he has never seen the stuff. Is this type in ovens?

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    Kris Kringle
    If it is type K T/C the harness going to it should be a Chromel/Alumel wire. they are also used in Turbines Steam/Gas turbines. can also be used in Process Equipment Like Chillers & Boilers. Basically its a Temp Indicator.

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    The elements are made of something called cal rod. I just put them in my regular scrap steel bin

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    The elements in furnaces and old heaters are keepers they are made of I believe tungsten, I get around $5.00 a pound. Takes a long time to get a 5 gallon bucket filled but good payday when it's full.

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