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Staples and OfficeMax ink cartridge policies.

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    Staples and OfficeMax ink cartridge policies.

    $2 per cartridge regardless of brand. 10 per account per month good for trade at Staples in store, on the phone, or Online.
    Funny the link says $3 even though it is $2

    MaxPerks members can earn $3 in rewards for each qualifying† visibly undamaged HP, Dell or Lexmark ink or toner cartridges dropped off in an OfficeMax store location. Simply present your MaxPerks ID when submitting cartridges to ensure you receive credit and your rewards will be issued in the next statement cycle along with any other MaxPerks rewards you may have earned during the same period. You can earn up to $60 in rewards per calendar month per member (from 20 ink or toner cartridges). While there is no limit to the number or brand of ink/toner cartridges you may recycle, you will only receive rewards for the qualifying† items and limited quantity noted, and the total amount of your recycling rewards issued cannot exceed your total qualified* purchase amount in your MaxPerks account


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    Staples running a special right now through 12/17. $4 per cartridge when you purchase $50 in ink (which you also get 20% off of).

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    Thanks for this I have 10 carts to go turn in right now so I think ill go get me a combo pack for free

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