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Thread: I need an e prom IC chip education

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    olddude started this thread.
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    May 2011
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    I need an e prom IC chip education

    was going through my later buckets (Ill deal with this later) today and found a few lbs of mixed e prom/IC chips today. went to advanced search but didn't find a definitive lesson on them of the different chips on a level my brain can absorb. Is there one I can find. or could some IC buyers do one ?

    "anyone who thinks scrappin is easy money ain't doin it right!"

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    Way I do'm...ones with no window, ones with gold in window, ones with window but not gold, gold eprom/gold chip go in their own bucket. If I'm following correctly, I've been known to zig when I shoulda zagged.

    It pays more is what I tell myself.YBMV

    Sirscrapalot - Your buyer may vary. I'm on a roll today!

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    olddude started this thread.
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    May 2011
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    zakly. I,m sure each of those are priced differently. don't see them on my buyers list and they wont be in till monday.

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    Just estimate about $5/lb for plastic ic chips, ceramic ic chips, and ceramic eproms with no gold in the windows.

    Eproms with gold bonding wires in the window (it's gold colored around the square in the window, or everything is gold in the window) are worth more than others. I don't have any value for these, but I think their gold content is at least 25% more than the previous group mentioned.

    Eproms or ICs with gold plating on them and also gold legs are very valuable per lb, these go in their own category and sub categories maybe $75-100/lb?

    This is just estimates for value, but can give you an idea.

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    You could check Barren's pic's and price sheet even if they are a few months old. Use it for reference only.

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